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Red’s Rant 5/12

It must be close to Friday the 13th because look at all of the wackiness going on in the world the past few days. Detroit, who was left for dead, has a Game 7 tonight with San Jose. Dwight Howard thinks the Orlando Sentinal is trying to run him out of the Magic City (and he’s right by the way). Chad Ohcocinco is riding a bull in Georgia this weekend. To quote the late Vince Lombardi “What the hell’s going on out there?”

There is one thing I can tell you for certain, Andrew Bynum should have been suspended more than five games. And that apology he gave saying how “that’s not in his nature”, give me a break. If you foul someone that hard when you’re getting your tail kicked, then take off your jersey like you don’t give a hoot, then you deserve a ten game ban AT THE LEAST. David Stern should have laid the hammer down harder on the Lakers. Maybe if he wasn’t so worried about if there will be a 2011-2012 season, he would have.

At least Stern and NBA Players Union President Billy Hunter are talking to one another. Meanwhile, in the courtroom…ERRR….world of the NFL, Goddell and Smith are still bickering like two scorned lovers. However, we have something to congratulate them on. I would like to take the time to applaud these two gentlemen for the now setting the record for the longest work stoppage in NFL history. Nice job guys, when you get to 100 days, we’ll have a parade down Orange Avenue.

On a more positive note, what a year it has been for Lebron James. This time last season, he got eliminated from the NBA Playoffs and the free agent sweepstakes of the millennium began. After making the decision, taking his talents to South Beach, and claiming multiple championships before training camp, he finally got rid of his main rivals in Boston. I equate this to when Jordan finally knocked out the Detroit Pistons in the late 1980’s. With Boston gone, Chicago looking vulnerable, and the only main threat out West being Dallas, could Miami begin their dynasty a year early? Everyone who doesn’t bleed red and black are praying that’s not the case.

Before I roll, today marks the 26th anniversary of the New York Knicks winning (cough cough Rigging) the NBA Lottery and Patrick Ewing. He is without question the best big man without a championship ring (my apologies to Mt. Motumbo). Reflect on that and don’t walk under any ladders tomorrow. It’s bad luck (so are the Atlanta Braves in October, but hey, what do I know).


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